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Video: Explosive HARD BODY HIIT Circuit with Ivan

Good Day, Hard Bodies!  We are all ready to go hard and make greatness happen this week, right? RIGHT!

From here on out, You will start your week with a Hard Body approved work out on Mondays.

This routine is REAL and straight to the point.  We are showing all the muscles some love in this Total Body Circuit.  Nothing like some intervals to get your mind & body right and tight!

This one is pretty intense, so use the weight and step/platform that you can handle AT THIS MOMENT.  You can work your way up to Ivan’s level.  No matter what, make a way, don’t make excuses!  Enjoy!




Yeezy taught Me! Kanye’s dancers Flash Mob in the air!

image taken from:

Saw this on Flash Mobs were starting to get a little corny and cliche…leave it to Kanye’s dancers to out-do the rest! Mobbin’ On the Plane! Enjoy your Fit Friday!



Would you like Maggots with that? Top 5 Most DISGUSTING foods that we’re eating

Prepare to throw a few items out of your Fridge and Cabinets IMMEDIATELY after reading this!

The loose rules of the FDA are surprising and equally disgusting.  We are literally consuming POISON.  Allowing ‘FDA approved’ to be the green light for buying our food is not the move!

Check out this Top 5 list that we saw over at Men’s Health

#5. Grain Products: Breads & Baked Goods (packaged)

Gross ingredients: Dissolved human hair & duck feathers

Why it’s gross: Many packaged breads and baked goods contain L-cysteine—a non-essential amino acid made from dissolved human hair (often from China) or duck feathers. Food manufacturers use the ingredient as a commercial dough conditioner, meant to improve the texture of breads and baked goods.

Why it’s bad: Eating something derived from the human body violates the religious and ethical beliefs of Muslims and vegans. Plus, eew! If you want to avoid ingesting hair and feathers—and really, who doesn’t?—try eating unprocessed whole grains like oats and brown rice, and make your own baked goods whenever possible.

#4. Shrimp

Gross ingredients: mouse & rat hair, insects, and chemicals

Why it’s gross: Depending on where your shrimp comes from, it could be tainted with chemicals used to clean filthy shrimp-farm pens. Just as disgusting, farmed shrimp from overseas is often full of antibiotics, mouse and rat hair, and pieces of insects (yummy!).

Why it’s bad: Only about 2 percent of all imported seafood is inspected, meaning this nasty stuff is making its way onto your plate. Contaminated shrimp tends to come from critters imported from overseas shrimp farms, so if you’re looking for safer—and more appetizing—options, choose domestic shrimp.

#3. Salad dressing

Gross ingredient: Chemical titanium dioxide, which you can also find in “paints & sunscreens.”

Why it’s gross: Big food corporations often add the chemical titanium dioxide—commonly found in paints and sunscreens—to processed foods like salad dressing, coffee creamers, and canned icing to make them appear whiter.

Why it’s bad: Titanium dioxide is a component of the metallic element titanium, a mined substance that’s sometimes contaminated with toxic lead. Plus, most white dressings (like cream-based ranch) aren’t great for you anyway. Both your health and your waistline will fare better if you go with an olive oil- or vinegar-based salad topper instead. Or, better yet, make your dressing at home.

#2. Jelly beans

Gross Ingredient: Food dyes (especially red & yellow)

Why it’s gross: Many artificial food dyes—found in hundreds of everyday foods—are made from petroleum-derived materials. Food producers use these chemical dyes in cereals and candy to make them more “fun” for kids, in pickles to make them appear fresher, and in place of real ingredients in a variety of other packaged foods. Betty Crocker Carrot Cake Mix, for example, is actually a carrot-free product, with “carrot flavored pieces” cooked up from corn syrup and artificial colors Yellow 6 and Red 40.

Why it’s bad: Orange and purple food dyes have been shown to impair brain function, and other dyes have been linked to ADHD and behavioral problems in kids, as well as brain-cell toxicity. And not only are these additives potentially hazardous, but they’re also a rip-off! It’s cheaper for food companies to use fake dyes in place of real ingredients, so you end up with food frauds like Tropicana Twister Cherry Berry Blast, a “juice” product without a trace of cherry or berry juice. Get your brightly colored foods from the produce aisle only!


#1. Mushrooms (canned)

Gross ingredients: maggots & mites

Why it’s gross: The FDA legally allows 19 maggots—tiny, rice-shaped fly larvae that feast on rotting foods—and 74 mites in every 3.5-ounce can of mushrooms. Bon appetit!

Why it’s bad: While maggots do have their place in the medical world—they can help heal ulcers and other wounds—most of us would agree that they don’t have a place in our mouths. Opt for fresh mushrooms instead, and if you need another reason to ditch canned goods, consider this: Most are lined with bisphenol A (or BPA), a plastic chemical that causes unnatural hormonal changes linked to heart attacks, obesity, and certain cancers.


Source: “5 Grossest Things,” Men’s Health

 -Hip Hop Hard Body


Morning Motivation

I’ve never looked at myself and said that I need to be a certain way to be around a certain sort of people.

I’ve always wanted to stay true to myself, and I’ve managed to do that.

People have to accept that.- Jay-Z

Everyone has a story to tell.  Whatever your story is, don’t be ashamed of where you come from, your culture, etc. Acknowledge what you want to do better, and embrace those fine details that make you different from the next man.  There are many subliminal messages that you may receive from your household, your block, and especially the media that communicates, in short, “Who you are by birth SUCKS.” Take note of these ‘weapons for mental destruction,’ and put them aside to make sure that you take care of your body, your mind, and your mission in life…like only you can.

-Hip Hop Hard Body


“Workin’ on my Fitness”: Tips to get a lean Body like Ciara

Ciara has what a lot of women want: Tight body, a nice sized booty… and the most coveted asset that is the tell-all for a fit physique…a trim waist with a NICE firm set of abs. Considering summer is on our heels, and many of us are scrambling to get any type of get fit plan ASAP, Who better to look to for advice than the HARD BODY Queen herself?

Even as an entertainer who can move her body like a Rhythm goddess, hours of rehearsals aren’t the only time she dedicates to her physique. Here are a few “Get it Right, Get it Tight” guidelines to get you on your way to rocking mid-drift tops and Bodycon dresses the best way YOU can this summer.

Continue Reading…


Hard Body Circuit: Nicole Chaplin

Hip Hop Hard Body teamed up with the Nicole Chaplin, an official Hard Body and NYC-based Personal Trainer/ Fitness Model to bring you this Official Hard Body Circuit.

What you Need:



Medicine Ball (Unstable Surface)

Try this workout, and let us know how you feel afterwards! I suggest trying it 1-2 times a week, or whenever you are short on time and need to get a quick workout in.  As always, if you are not sure that you are using proper form, consult a professional to avoid injury.

Check out the Gorgeous Boss of a Trainer, Nicole, in this month’s Fitness RX as a Fitness Model and get a back issue of Oxygen Magazine, as she was featured in their September 2011 Issue.  She’s Taking OVER!

-Hip Hop Hard Body


Motivation (Via Nike)

‘Yesterday You Said Tomorrow”

Watch this and let it be the ‘boost’ you need to get through the week. No excuses, only productivity!

(video via

This video pretty much says it all.  Get up! Motivate Monday!


Hip Hop: Snoop brings Football to Chicago’s youth

Been a crazy Summer! Livin’ it up on this end,  hope you’re are doing the same.

So… this week in Hip Hop, Holly Wood, and Fitness we have

Snoop Dogg is showing the impact that Hip Hop & Fitness has on the community by starting a football league in Chicago for young Boys.  You all know that Chicago is going through something serious in the streets, too many young lives being taken.

Snoop is taking the same formula he has used in Los Angeles since 2004 and bringing it to the Chi.

Snoop speaks on the purpose of the league:

“If we don’t give these kids nothin’ to fight for, they’re gonna die for nothin. I wanna give them something to fight for. Sometimes in life you gotta understand the small things like football and teamwork and organized community work goes a long way with these kids.”

The league is comprised of 6 teams from 6 neighborhoods, and they start their season in August 2011.  It sounds like the league is doing way more than football, but working more like a youth enrichment program to broaden the horizons of Chicago’s Youth in a mission to eliminate the violence. (source: ABC Chicago)

Great to hear a Hip Hop Legend like Snoop showing what a BOSS looks like by taking matters into his own hands. Each one teach one, lead by example.

-Hip Hop Hard Body


Kelly Rowland is ‘Motivation’ for the Body

Don’t you dare slow down..

Go longer

You can last more rounds

(sounds like some MOTIVATIONal words for the gym, right? lol)

Kelly Rowland has been CRUSHIN’ the scene as of late, with her hit single “Motivation” being the official track of the Summer, hell, maybe even 2011. But …

we’d be remiss not to mention that BODY! My GAWD.

She is clearly keeping it tight!

As crazy as the life of a Pop Star can be, being fit and flawless is a must.

Kelly told Men’s Fitness how she stays looking like perfection:

I exercise, I try to eat healthy.  I try to get as much rest as I can and I drink a lot of water.

In response to what her regimen consists of: Continue Reading…


Motivation (via Jay Electronica)

That’s why when you talk that tough talk

I never feel ya.

You sound real good

and you play the part well,

but the energy you givin’ off

is SO unfamiliar.

-Jay Electronica, “Exhibit C”

Scenario: you declare:

“I’m going to start Monday”

“I have to get this weight off by my Birthday”

“I have to get my weight up by (insert event here)”

… date arrives, and you are at the same place and/or worse off than you were when you declared your goal.  Is this you? Sound Familiar? I’m calling you out! Call yourself out…

When you make a decision for yourself to make this fitness thing apart of your life, Follow through with it! Don’t be that person making public declarations of their goals… only to fall back into the same habits with no progress.  You commit to going to work everyday, on time. You make it a priority to get to appointments, dates, parties, etc.   Do the same for the vessel that gets you to where you need to go. One step at a time.  It can seem like a complex task when emotions are mixed in, and the idea of planning workouts and meals come into play,  but once you actually get to it, you realize how simple this whole fitness thing is.  It starts with initiative and accountability. Good Day!

-Hip Hop Hard Body